Eritrean War of Independence
Facing Guerillas, Soldiers & Death During the Eritrean War

Author: Victor Englebert “‘Say your payers for you’re going to die,’ and with that he dropped the stick, pulled a revolver from his belt, and came around the jeep to put it to my head…” In 1967, Ras (Prince) Mengesha, son-in-law of Ethiopia’s emperor Haile Selassie, wrote to National Geographic that … Continue reading

Six-Day War
The Miracle That Ended the Six-Day War

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During this account, retired Generals Ben-Eliyahu and Gazit of the Israeli Defense Forces, as well as news corespondents and authors, take us through the fear that the Israeli nation felt during the Six-Day War; “a matter of life and death” for everybody in Israel. The Israelis were extremely outnumbered and … Continue reading