Ronald Reagan
‘Who Was He?’

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Margot Morrell, author of “Reagan’s Journey: Lessons From a Remarkable Career,” gives a personal impression of the deceased president’s true character–quite different from his common portrayal in the media. She discusses which essential qualities propelled Ronald Reagan to emerge from his humble beginnings into the powerful role of U.S. President.

Oprah Winfrey
[Text] Oprah. The White House. And the Beach Boys.


By: Tony Williams She’s interviewed presidents and sat down with royalty on her TV show, but on a sticky Washington afternoon  in June of 1983, Oprah Winfrey was simply one of 900 guests on the White House lawn for a performance by the Beach Boys.  She was the local TV … Continue reading

Iran-Contra Affair
[Text] Richard Nixon Writes Ronald Reagan on Iran-Contra Affair


Richard Nixon August 13, 1987 26 Federal Plaza New York City Dear Ron, The speech last night was one of your best. What was even more important than what you said was that you sounded and looked strong. You gave the lie to the crap about your being over-the-hill, discouraged, … Continue reading

Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan
Marshall Louie McKinney on Receiving Orders to Protect John Hinckley

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U.S. Marshall Louie McKinney remembers having to protect John Hinckley Jr. after his assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan. McKinney explains why he had to guard the man’s life and remembers what happened when he learned Hinckley tried to hang himself.

Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan
Eyewitness Accounts of Ronald Reagan’s Assassination Attempt

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Photographer Ron Edmonds and former secret service agent Danny Spriggs remember the day President Ronald Reagan was nearly assassinated outside the Washington Hilton Hotel hotel on March 30, 1981. They explain how they reacted to the shooting and reflect on the event 30 years later.