Robert F. Kennedy
LBJAccepts Resignation of RFK as Attorney General.


Letter Accepting Resignation of Robert F. Kennedy as Attorney General. September 3, 1964 Dear Bob: It is with regret that I have received your resignation. You have played a very vital role in the conduct of public affairs. Both President Kennedy and I sought your counsel on a wide range … Continue reading

Robert F. Kennedy
Ethel Kennedy Gives Rare Interview


Ethel Kennedy gives a rare interview about her life and her marriage to Robert F. Kennedy to Brian Williams and her daughter Rory Kennedy, who was making a documentary about her mother. She talks about enjoying her life surrounded by politics and says that while everything came easy to John … Continue reading

Robert F. Kennedy
A Parrot’s Encounter With Robert Kennedy


Broadcast journalist Barbara Walters shares a funny anecdote that occurred when Robert Kennedy came to a store in Rockefeller Plaza to be interviewed by the “Today” show. Walters recalls the program having to rent out this store where there lived a resident parrot. The parrot ended up unexpectedly badgering Kennedy … Continue reading

Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
RFK Shooting Victims Support Conspiracy Theory

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Rob Beemer and Paul Schrade were both injured during the fatal shooting of Robert F. Kennedy by Sirhan Sirhan in a Los Angeles hotel on June 5, 1968. Beemer, producer on the documentary, “Conspiracy Test: The RFK Assassination,” discusses the audio tape that has rekindled conspiracy theories on the presence of … Continue reading