Invasion of Normandy
Paratrooper’s Letter Details Play-by-Play of His D-Day

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  “I landed under heavy small arms fire in a dry field near a farmhouse. I cut my way out of my harness and dashed for the nearest hedgegrow…”   Frank E. McKee was a Sergeant in the 2nd Battalion, 508th Paratroop Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division during World War II. … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
Canadian Vets Tear-up While Recalling D-Day

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“There were five that didn’t make it and our tank did. One out of six tanks. There were five wiped out right there. 25 men. Five tanks.” Canadian veterans involved in the invasion of Juno Beach on D-Day discuss what they remember from the mission. The men tear-up as they … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
A Juno Beach D-Day Landing

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John “Jack” Springer, a veteran who served in the army during the Normandy Campaign, talks about landing on Juno Beach during D-Day. He discusses how his faith grew during that time, as well as how he prided himself in putting others before himself. In Springer’s words: “I wasn’t scared for … Continue reading

Bill Doyle
Sneaking onto Omaha Beach Before D-Day

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World War II veterans return to the beaches of Normandy, most for the first time since D-Day. One man describes how he snuck onto Omaha Beach before the invasion began and set up explosives before watching the scene unfold below them. Another veteran, Bill Doyle, walks through the D-Day graves … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
U.S. Air Corps Vet on Dropping Paratroopers

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U.S. Army Air Corps Veteran Joseph C. Beyer recalls his experience of dropping paratroopers in the town of Carentan in the Cherbourg Peninsula on D-Day. A few weeks later, the Americans had cleared the air fields so that Beyer and others could land in France and bring-in supplies and haul … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
‘You Were Doin a Lot of Prayin’

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Sergeant Mike Fitch of the U.S. Army’s 29th Infantry Division remembers storming the most dangerous zone of Omaha Beach on D-Day. He describes the chaos of getting into his landing craft and how he was “scared to death.” Fitch explains how he looked for potential areas for cover as he … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
Why Germans Didn’t Shoot This D-Day Bagpiper

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Bill Millin, the personal piper to Lord Lovat, a prominent British Commando in World War II, was ordered by Lovat to play the bagpipes as his fellow soldiers died around him on Sword Beach and all the way to the seize of Pegasus Bridge during the Normandy Landings. Millin asked … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
‘I Got to the Shore. I Just Laid Down…I Was Scared’

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Sergio Moirano was part of the U.S. 9th Infantry Division during World War II, and participated in the Allied landing of Utah Beach. Moirano describes his thoughts during the journey across the English Channel and the turbid events that followed after he got off his landing craft–including the decisions he … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
Voices of U.S. Veterans From Virginia

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World War II veterans discuss D-Day and their experience in the Normandy Invasion. Taken from the documentary Voices of the Veterans, this clip shows several U.S. veterans from a town in Virginia who were in the first wave to land on Omaha Beach.