Nicaraguan Revolution
News Report From the Day the Sandinistas Overthrew the Somoza Regime


This news report from July 20, 1979 covers the day that the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) overthrew the Somoza dictatorship in Managua, Nicaragua. Reporter Ike Seamans describes the national guard under Somoza surrendering to the Sandinistas. Seamans describes chaos in the streets of Managua as the Sandinista rebels–composed primarily of the country’s poorest … Continue reading

Nicaraguan Revolution
Nicaraguan Woman Remembers Her Part in the Sandinista Revolution


Esmeralda, a Sandinista rebel during the Nicaraguan Revolution of 1978-1979, describes what the country was like during the time when the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) was trying to overthrow the Somoza dictatorship. The overthrow of the Somoza regime was a bloody and violent affair, but Esmeralda justifies the revolution … Continue reading

Che Guevara
The Life of Che Guevara


Experts discuss the life and legacy of Cuban revolutionary figure, Ernesto “Che” Guevara. After touring throughout Central and South America, Guevara witnessed the millions of people living in poverty and decided that he wanted to do something about it. The solution to the poverty in his mind was communism. He … Continue reading

Joseph Stalin
Russians Mourn the Death of Stalin the Myth Not the Man

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Upon Joseph Stalin’s death on March 5, 1953, Russians share their reaction to his death. Former dissidents such as Lev Kopelev even wept for the corrupt dictator who ruled Russia for over three decades: “It wasn’t the real Stalin that we…that I and others like me mourned in those days. It … Continue reading

Bay of Pigs Invasion
Brigade Veterans from the Bay of Pigs

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50 years later, Cuban brigadiers talk about their firsthand experiences with the Bay of Pigs on April 17, 1961–from deporting to the camps for military training to the failed military invasion. The Bay of Pigs is considered a historically large failure for U.S. foreign policy, and entails the failed mission … Continue reading

Adolf Hitler
Testimonies from Hitler’s Army

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German veterans in Adolf Hitler’s army explain how they understood the events that led to World War II: “We wanted to defend our empire, which we had been wonderfully but purposefully misled about.” One former supporter of Hitler, Herr Joe Hermann, goes into why many Germans–including himself–believed Hitler’s invasion of … Continue reading

Adolf Hitler
[Text] Eduard Bloch on Being Hitler’s Jewish Physician

German Federal Archive

In 1907 Hitler’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, but due to poor economic conditions Dr. Eduard Bloch treated her at a reduced rate. After Klara died, Hitler gave the Jewish doctor his “everlasting gratitude” for his kindness. The Hero Returns Soon the procession arrived — the great, black Mercedes … Continue reading