Leonard Kleinrock Describes Arpanet


Internet pioneer and UCLA computer science professor Leonard Kleinrock discusses the process of connecting the first host computer to the fledgling Internet, then known as the ARPANET, in September 1969, and sending the first host-to-host message a month later on October 29, 1969 between himself and Charlie Klein.  They typed … Continue reading

Henry Ford
Henry Ford, Thomas Edison & Harvey Firestone


Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone have an amazing and rare filmed chat following the Lights Golden Jubilee–a campaign celebrating the 50th anniversary of Thomas Edison’ invention of the commercially available electric light bulb, which ended with an event held in Dearborn, Michigan on October 21, 1929. Later that … Continue reading

Arthur C. Clarke
Arthur C. Clarke Predicts Future of Internet


Arthur C. Clarke, futurist and science fiction writer, predicted the future of computers and the internet remarkably accurately to an ABC reporter in 1974. Understanding how our lives would be transformed by the coming computer and digital age, he foresaw how people would be able to get their news and … Continue reading