Althea Gibson
How Althea Gibson Broke Boundaries for Black Athletes

Althea Gibson

In this segment from “Althea Gibson: A Documentary,” Gibson is praised for becoming the first black woman to win the U.S. Open Women’s Singles Championship and Wimbledon in 1957. Fellow tennis players, such as Dr. Harold Freeman, discuss how Gibson’s triumphs were exceptional because tennis was previously offered exclusively to … Continue reading

Fidel Castro
Errol Flynn Talks About Visiting Fidel Castro


Famous actor Errol Flynn is interviewed about his time spent in Cuba during the Cuban Revolution. Flynn is very supportive of Fidel Castro and his regime and defends Castro when asked about the many executions that the Cuban leader ordered. Flynn met Castro in 1958 when he went to Cuba … Continue reading

Cuban Revolution
Celia Sánchez: One of the Most Important Women Behind the Cuban Revolution


Writer Nancy Stout talks about Celia Sánchez and her impact on the Cuban Revolution. Sánchez played a large role behind the scenes during the revolution and Stout claims that is why not many people outside of Cuba even know who she is. Sánchez was a close friend of Fidel Castro … Continue reading

Cuban Revolution
Fidel Castro Gives Speech Days After Cuban Revolution Ends


In this footage, Fidel Castro gives a speech to the Cuban people just days after his forces overthrew the government of Fulgencio Batista. He calls the overthrow “the most beautiful victory of our people” and tells the people of Cuba to remember their fallen heroes. Soon after ousting Batista’s regime, … Continue reading

Cuban Revolution
Soldiers Remember Their Life During the Cuban Revolution


Soldiers who fought in the Cuban Revolution are interviewed about what happened during the revolution. They talk about witnessing the many deaths of their fellow soldiers and one soldier recalls the kind of food they were given. He describes sharing one tin can of condensed milk with his whole squad–taking … Continue reading

Loretta Young
Beverly Washburn Describes Working With a Legend


Beverly Washburn, one of the stars of “The Loretta Young Show,” talks about her experience working on the set with beloved American actress Loretta Young. She states that everybody on set got along just like a family and that Young was like a second mother to everyone. Washburn goes on … Continue reading

Eva Perón
The Lost Photographs of Evita Resurface


This video reveals the rescued photographs of the late former first lady of Argentina Eva Perón, which were taken by Alfredo Mazzorotlo during the last six years of Perón’s life. Mazzorotlo’s photographs depict Perón at different ceremonies, on various trips, and in private meetings. The photographer’s daughter, Maria Teresa Mazzorotola explains … Continue reading

Richard Burton
Michael Sheen on the Unlikely Birthplace He and Burton Shared

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 9.30.07 PM

Michael Sheen discusses the life of esteemed Welsh actor, Richard Burton. Although Burton would eventually go on to win a myriad of awards from the Golden Globes to the Tonys, he was born in a rural Welsh town called Port Talbot. Since then, the town has produced several other Hollywood mega stars … Continue reading

Marilyn Monroe
The Last Interview of Marilyn Monroe


Larry King talks to Richard Merryman, who conducted the last interview with Marilyn Monroe before she died in 1962. Merryman describes Monroe talking with much “gusto” and “vitality,” but at the same time he got a sense that she was struggling with her fame and her personal life. Monroe, whose … Continue reading

Che Guevara
The Life of Che Guevara


Experts discuss the life and legacy of Cuban revolutionary figure, Ernesto “Che” Guevara. After touring throughout Central and South America, Guevara witnessed the millions of people living in poverty and decided that he wanted to do something about it. The solution to the poverty in his mind was communism. He … Continue reading