Grand Canyon
[Text] Theodore Roosevelt’s Admiration for the Grand Canyon

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“I hope you will not have a building of any kind, not a summer cottage, a hotel, or anything else, to mar the wonderful grandeur…Leave it as it is. You can not improve on it.” President of the United States from 1901 to 1909, Theodore Roosevelt is considered the “Father … Continue reading

Vietnam War
U.S. Lieutenant Colonel Remembers Training Farmers in Vietnam


Lieutenant colonel John E. Mann discusses some of his experiences training local militias with the Special Forces in Vietnam. He describes instructing farmers how to “Fire weapons…throw grenades, and generally protect themselves” from Viet Cong raids. Mann and his unit were part of President Kennedy’s attempt at resolving the conflict … Continue reading

Adolf Hitler
Colleagues of Hitler Call Him ‘A Genius of Evil’

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A few Germans who knew Adolf Hitler discuss his methods, affects on humanity and his personality. One describes Hitler as a meteor because he suddenly struck, and then was suddenly gone, taking with him the entire German nation in his doom. A different German involved in Hitler’s army talks about … Continue reading

Adolf Hitler
A German Veteran’s View of Hitler

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Manfred Gelersen, a German soldier who fought during World War II for the Germans on Hitler: “Hitler was from the devil!” Gelersen comments on Hitler’s political agenda and the series of events that unfolded within the country that allowed Hitler to rise to power so quickly. He talks about the … Continue reading

Armenian Genocide
Survivor on Losing Her Father


Rahan Kachian, an Armenian immigrant that came to the United States during the Armenian Genocide that began in 1915 and occurred in present-day Turkey, remembers the events of that time in her life. She recalls rebuilding her family and community in America and the terrifying events of what happened to … Continue reading

Armenian Genocide
The ‘Death Warrant’


BBC reporter travels to Turkey, formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, to get facts and opinions from Turkish natives and experts that reflect how they feel about the Armenian Genocide that occurred in 1915. Doctor Yusuf Halacoglu, the president of the Turkish Historical Society, believes that the event cannot be … Continue reading

The Execution of the Tsar and His Family


Forensic anthropologist Anthony Falsetti travels to Russia in order to investigate what happened to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his family on July 17, 1918, the night of their execution by Bolshevik party members. Falsetti gains access to various documents and recorded testimonies of the executioners of the firing … Continue reading

Secrets of the Romanov Family


Greg King and Penny Wilson, co-authors of “The Fate of the Romanovs,” explain the way that Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his family were depicted throughout his empire. According to the authors, the Tsar was known to live a “fairytale” lifestyle and was also seen as controlling. A play-by-play … Continue reading

The Mystery of the Missing Romanovs


Forensic anthropologist Anthony Falsetti, accompanied by the Pentagon’s leading forensic DNA expert, travels to Siberia, Russia in order to investigate bodies that have been unearthed. The bodies have the possibility of being the two children of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia–these two Romanov children were never discovered after the royal … Continue reading