Vietnam War
Seymour Hersh On Breaking The My Lai Story

On November 12, 1969, Seymour Hersh, an independent investigative journalist, broke the story of the My Lai Massacre. On March 16, 1968, U.S. Army soldiers had participated in the mass killing of between 347 and 504 unarmed civilians in the South Vietnam hamlets of My Lai and My Khe. Hersh’s report sparked global outrage, including increasing domestic opposition to the United State’s involvement in the Vietnam War. In this video, Seymour Hersh recalls how he first learned about the story, saying: “Some guy called with a tip. Most of the stuff he told me was wrong. I mean, he said there was an officer, who… He said it was a GI went crazy and shot up a lot of people in the village. And it was an officer. He gave me a place that was the wrong place.”

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Submitted by: Ilana Faber
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