Michael Rockefeller’s Twin Sister Discusses His Death

Mary Rockefeller discusses searching for her twin brother Michael Rockefeller in Papua New Guinea in 1963.  Michael, who had recently graduate from Harvard, had headed to Papua New Guinea as part of an anthropological expedition. He had bought a catamaran, which sank off the coast.  He vigorously swam to what he hoped would be his safety, but, it is surmised, was killed when he reached shore and was subsequently cannabilized in the Asmat region of New Guinea. Mary Rockefeller explores the search and the pain and poignancy of twin grieving in her book Beginning with the End: A Memoir of Twin loss and healing.  She says it took her 27 years to come to terms with her twin brother’s loss.  Mary Rockefeller lectures on twin loss and grieving and worked with families after the 9-11 Tragedy.

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Submitted by: Paul Hardart
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