Vietnam War
[Text] Mayor Asks For Ohio National Guard’s Aid During Kent State Protests

The City of Kent, Ohio
LeRoy M Satrom, Mayor
May 2, 1970

Commander of Troops
Ohio National Guard
Kent, Ohio

I, LeRoy M. Satrom, Mayor of the City of Kent, Ohio, pursuant to the power invested in me as the chief magisterial officer of this City do hereby request the assistance of the Ohio National Guard to assist the Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies in restoring law and order in the City of Kent and particularly in the are of Kent State University and its environs.

Local law enforcement agencies can no longer cope with the situation and I instruct you to provide the necessary assistance to restore peace and order to our community.

In accordance with Section 5923.23 of the Revised Code of Ohio, I leave the mode and means of execution to your direction.

Sincerely yours,
LeRoy M. Satrom

Source: U.S. National Archives

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Submitted by: Sarah Dejak
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