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Author: Morgan Birck

Do you love dazzling people with your knowledge of little-known facts about history? At @Witnify, we love history and the community of history-lovers on Twitter. We scoped out some of our favorite Twitter accounts to share with you so check them out and fall in love with them too: 

@historyweird – History can be weird. Learn some odd, crude and interesting facts about the past through @historyweird’s self explanatory Twitter feed.

@RealTimeWWII – This Twitter account replays World War II by “live” tweeting significant events that happened in the war during 1942.

@TimesArchive – Rose Wild, the Archive Editor of The Times, digs up unique facts on history such as what viewers of Marie Antoniette’s execution did with her blood.

@PocketHistory – Who wouldn’t love a pocket guide on the many facts of human history? You don’t need to go out and buy one—just follow this Twitter account. There is even a free iPhone app that you can download on your phone.

@tannerritchie – This is a #twitterstorian that will tell you what happened on a particular day in…medieval history. It is full of interesting quotes from that period of time and useful hints to better understand certain texts:

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 11.02.51 AM

@BeschlossDC – Michael Beschloss, the Presidential Historian tweets interesting tidbits in U.S. history like letters from American Presidents, pictures from the past, and links to videos of historical events.

@AHAhistorians – The American Historical Association will give you fun flashbacks into history with nostalgic images that can take you back to yesteryear.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 11.04.45 AM

@USNatArchives – The official Twitter handle of the U.S.’s record keeper. They highlight their important work of archiving historical documents and letters through this Twitter handle. You’ll find intimate notes on the back of photos and answers to historical questions like tips from the U.S. Navy: “How to Succeed with Brunettes” from 1967.

@HistoryAtState – This is the official twitter account of the Office of the Historian with more historical facts on the U.S. government than you’ve ever dreamed of. From visiting leaders to budget constraints, and a lot of information on #FRUS (Foreign Relations of the United States); their Twitter feed is all about the United States.

@amhistorymuseum – The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History handles this account on American history. You will discover: cool pictures, links to full blog posts, and even a 3D Lincoln life mask that will give you a fresh look at history every day!

@TodaysDocument – The U.S. National Archives directly gives you cool historical documents from “this day in history” and it’s always straight from the primary source–you can’t go wrong with that.

@NASAhistory – This account is on the expansive history of NASA. It gives you facts and stories about NASA’s exploration of space. If your head is in the stars, this Twitter handle will take you where you want to go! Pictures, videos, and cool facts about space and U.S. discoveries are featured on NASA’s awesome account.

@coldwar_history – They are dedicated to major events in the Cold War—all curated by Nick Blackbourn, an extremely passionate Cold War historian, who can tell you about the politics around nukes and politicized puppies.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 10.58.48 AM

@HISTORY – The official History Network Twitter account. It focuses mostly on “this day in history” information and features “history in the headlines.” Also, if you love to watch the History channel, it provides another dimension of information to supplement their popular TV station.

@HistoryToday – This is the Twitter handle for the UK’s oldest history magazine. They tweet news and reflections on world history like how skiing went from boring transportation to a popular sport and the sex lives of people during the Industrial Revolution.

@More2History – The official H2 Twitter account gives a deeper perspective on global history, with “did-you-know?” facts, “this day in history” tweets, and #LittleKnownFacts that keep you wanting more!

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 11.09.09 AM

@thehistory – A Twitter-blog dedicated to keeping history alive, and they tweet “this day in history” facts like no other Twitter handles out there, particularly little-known and fascinating ones. This is their tweet on how the fork was introduced to American dining etiquette by Governor Winthrop.

@WorldHistory101 – Read about “this day in history” on World History 101’s Twitter handle. This account includes topics on politics, literature, art, science, explorations, sports and entertainment—their tagline: “Everything has a history!”

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 11.10.55 AM

@historytweeter – A Twitter-blog all about interesting ancient history, edited by @sevaanfranks. Each tweet links to a longer blog post about the in-depth facts,\ so whether you want quick snippets or the full story, this twitter account has both.

@greathistory_ – They promise you the “Best blogging in history.” Like @historytweeter, @greathistory_ links their tweets to blog posts in order to give you a fuller perspective of each historical event. They have a great collection of book reviews and quirky facts that will truly help you explore the richness of historical investigations and queries.

And don’t forget to follow our account (@Witnify) that shares eyewitness accounts of historical moments everyday.

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Submitted by: Morgan Birck
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