John Dote’, (accent over the “e”) born June 7, 1955 in the Bronx, New York labeled as “the theme man”, or “Five-0″, because he was the drummer from the hit television series “Hawaii Five-0″, from the album “Hooked On Themes”, can rightly be accused of marching to the beat of a different drummer, because he owns that drum. Its rythms are varied and complex, as is the man, his life of percussion of clashing cymbals and macho beats of snares and timpani- this man loves laughter and lives life to its fullest- accented by sensitive melodies and creative sweetness. He is a famous dynamic American recording producer, engineer, songwriter, drummer, keyboardist, vocalist and record promoter to the biggest super stars on the planet. Including Michael and Janet. During his late teens, Dote’ roamed with notable record producers like legendary Joe Saraceno, radio promoters and radio disc jockeys twice his age which taught him quite well.

His father Alan was the head of MCA Records during the late 70′s and his partner Peter Marino was the head executive for Warner Bros. Records in San Francisco which gave him the clout to write, produce and obtain major record distribution on his records. He signed his first contract in 1976 with Penthouse Records for his debut single “May I Have This Dance?” which was featured on the hit t.v. series “Wide World Of Sports” on the “ABC Network”. During that time Elton John was signed to the label (MCA). His mother Dianne bought him his first drum set at the age of 4 in the Bronx, New York and she stood by her son every beat of the way. While his mother (a fashion designer who went on to design the fur outfits for the legendary group “Sly and the Family Stone”, as seen on their album covers), Dote’ entered the musical arena as the drummer from such monumental television themes as “Charlies Angels”, “Hawaii Five-0″, “Barnaby Jones” and “Chips”.

In 1982 He also produced “The Exodus” for the great Liberace. In 1986, Dote’ released the album “A Hero From Zero ” which charted at number 9 on the bay area charts beating out Prince who landed at number 10. In addition, he performed live throughout the bay area with such legends as John Lee Hooker, Buddy Miles, and Greg Allman. During that same year he met with Joe and Janet Jackson at The Gavin Convention in San Francisco where Joe Jackson hired him to promote the smash single “What Have You Done For Me Lately?” By Janet Jackson which charted at number 2 on The Billboard Charts. And then again in 1987, Joe Jackson hired Dote’ to promote the Epic release of “Bad” by Michael Jackson” and became the first artist in history to have a top ten single in the Billboard Hot 100 in five different decades. In 1999, Dote’ left the bay area and moved to Las Vegas to host his own t.v. series promoting the major stars.

Glib, glamarous and glittering as any super star that he has ever promoted, John Dote’ takes a short stroll down the hallway of his home to enter his studio to film another episode from the hit televison show that took him ten years in the making to create, “NightBeat In Las Vegas” as seen on the United Paramount – Screen Gems Network. He was credited with launching some of the biggest names in the industry which included Santana, Britney Spears, Kotton Mouth Kings, Creed, Sting, Meridith Brooks, NSYNC, Sara McLachlan, Backstreet Boys, Garth Brooks, Mary J. Blige, Leann Rimes, Sugar Ray, Christina Aguilera, Marcy Playground, Stir, Blink 182, Marc Almond, Whitney Houston, Enrique Iglesias and many others. Then he moved his show to Florida to promote Christina Aguilera extensively for Time Warner and his arrival was met with mass media and was featured on the front cover of the Tampa Bay Trubune. But Dote’ was not happy with the east coast and returned to Las Vegas shortly after.

It was no co-incident that he was invited to be the Master of Ceremonies in 2007 to the likes of The Lieutenant Colonel and Captain of The United States arm forces at The Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas. Then, the big surprize of the evening. Rock star Cher made an appearance to the delight of the audience sparking up romances with the men in uniform. Dote’ himself was quite surprized and not believing his own eyes, went up to Cher and placed both hands on her hairdo and said “This Is Really You”! In 2009, Dote’ was invited to be the guest DJ for the creator of “So You Think You Can Dance”, Nygel Lythgoe on his birthday at The Lakes Las Vegas with Olivia Newton John in the audience. Dote’ would go on to perform as a DJ for American Idol parties for the next 3 years in Las Vegas. In 2010, Dote’ met with CNN’s legendary host Larry King at The Encore in Las Vegas which is owned by Steve Wynn to promote his new single release “Don’t Keep Me Wating” for IHEART RADIO.

As a recording artist, Dote has written, produced and arranged a string of albums including “Hard Life”, “The New Yorker”, “Rise & Fall Of Briar Rose LN.”, “Music In Motion”, “Life Of A Motion Picture”, “Knees On A Prayer” and “May I Have This Dance?”. He also produced soundtracks for artists from American Idol, America’s Got Talent and Soul Train. In 2013, Dote’ produced the drums for Robert Sweet of the 6 platinum award winning gospel heavy metal band Stryper.

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