Joan Baez
Joan Baez on the Safety of a Bunker in North Vietnam

Famous folk singer Joan Baez goes back to visit the bunker that kept her safe while she was on her peace mission in Vietnam during the war in 1972. Baez had to shelter herself in the bunker located under her hotel as American B-52′s dropped bombs above her when the U.S. military’s “Christmas bombing” of Hanoi went on for 11 days. Deciding to go back when she heard that the bunker had been unearthed, she thought revisiting it would bring back scary and overwhelming feelings. Upon arriving, however, she had feelings of warmth and love for the bunker since it was the reason why she was kept safe. The video also talks about the 1973 album she released when she got back from her peace travels in North Vietnam  titled, “Where Are You Now, My Son.” The album featured recorded sounds from her bunker as well as the air raids, sirens and bomb droppings that were audible to her when she was underground.

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