Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter: A Presidency Filled With Problems

Historians and former news anchors discuss the life of the 39th President of the United States (1977-1981), Jimmy Carter. This video follows Carter’s life from his early childhood through the troubles he faced as president all the way to his post-presidency, which many historians consider to be a very successful one. In fact, Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for helping to find peaceful solutions to many international conflicts. During his presidency, Carter created the Departments: Education and Energy–but at the end of his presidency in 1980, he faced many problems, including the Iran Hostage Crisis, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. Due to of all of the problems he was faced with solving, his popularity declined when he could not find solutions to all of them. This led to him being beaten by Ronald Reagan in the 1980 presidential election after only four years in office.

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Submitted by: Robbie Faselt
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