Operation Gomorrah
Hamburg Before and After the Bombing

Survivors of Operation Gomorrah–which began on July 24, 1943 for eight days and seven nights in the city of Hamburg, Germany–recall how it has affected their lives and their families’ lives. Operation Gomorrah was when British and U.S. air forces carpet bombed the city in order to demoralize German civilians and cripple Nazi power. In this video, two survivors, as well as one grandson of a survivor, talk about the city of Hamburg they once knew and the city that Hamburg has now become. One survivor, Helga, was 18 when the bombs dropped and she remembers the last words her mother said to her before she was killed. The grandson to a survivor recalls the tragic stories his grandmother would tell during Christmas and Easter to their family about the bombings. Along with this, we are taken through the various streets that were bombed, as well as the St. Nicholas tower, a landmark memorial that still stands today and was a prominent target for the Allied Powers during the bombings.

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Submitted by: Sarah Dejak
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