How Guinness Book of World Records Came To Be

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Hear Craig Glenday, Editor of the Guinness Book of World Records describe the origins of the world famous book and arbiter of world records–both reasonable and peculiar. It is the biggest selling book of all time with: selling over 132 Million copies since 1955.

It all started when a group of friends on a hunting trip started to debate what was the fastest game bird in Britan–the golden plover or the red grouse. They couldn’t figure out which one was fastest and had trouble finding a reference book that would tell them.

One of the hunters that day was the Chairman of the Guinness Brewing Company in Dublin and he hired two brothers–twins actually–Norris and Ross McWirther to create a book of such interesting facts. The original book was meant to be kept at pubs across the United Kingdom to settle any disputes and keep the Guinness flowing.

The brothers expanded the book for commercial sales the following year, when it became an instant bestseller.  The rest is, well, history..and a world record.








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