Mao Zedong
Escalating Events of the Cultural Revolution

The Cultural Revolution in China began in 1966 under Chairman Mao Zedong and didn’t end until 1976 with his death. During this time, people were beginning to shift from a communist society to a free market, capitalistic society and Zedong felt like this was going to ruin China. This video reviews changes that Zedong made in order to change the cultural attitudes of the Chinese people. First, he led a mass swim across a local river in order to prove his vigor and perseverance. From there, he utilized traditional Chinese art forms such as Chinese operas, in order to spread his communist teachings. Along with this, various testimonies from teachers, government officials and members of Zedong’s Red Guards recall their memories of Mao’s rule. The opinion of one of the Red Guards at the time: “If we follow Mao, we can’t go wrong.” This video also touches on the growing hatred for capitalistic leaders like President Liu Shaoqi, the historic Tiananmen Square Protests and the brutal rebellion that Chinese students led against many of their teachers.

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Submitted by: Sarah Dejak
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