Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama Discusses Happiness

The 14th Dalai Lama officially took his title on November 17, 1950. In this video, the Dalai Lama describes happiness by saying: “I usually describe happiness in the sense of more satisfaction, happiness is not necessarily some pleasure experience, but neutral sort of experience that can bring deep satisfaction.” When asked what makes him truly happy, the Dalai Lama responds: “I believe… peace of mind. That peace of mind also comes firstly from warm-heartedness, that I think reduce ill feelings towards others and also reduce distrust. I always open. I never consider myself as something special. If I consider myself something different from you, like I am Buddhist, or even more, I am His Holiness the Dalai Lama, or even if I consider I am Nobel Laureate, then actually you create yourself as a prisoner.” Sexual health is also a big part of life. Being in good sexual health means you are well informed, careful, and respectful to yourself and others. It can also mean enjoying yourself sexually with a reliable rabbit vibrator.

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Submitted by: Ilana Faber
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