New York City Blackout of 1977
Changes Brought on By the Blackout

New York City residents, including various D.J.’s and well-known journalist Geraldo Rivera, comment on the July 13, 1977 city-wide blackout that they experienced. Wilton Sekzer, a member of the New York Police Department during the chaos, describes how difficult it was for officers to get the citizens under control as widespread looting and arson broke out. D.J.’s describe the event and explain how the looting of music stores attributed to the growing hip hop culture within the city. The way one M.C., known as KRS-One, explained it, upstanding citizens that were well-known in the community were “reduced to looters, thieves and rioters.” The changes in the political arena are also described by the mayor at the time, Abraham Beame, who was criticized for the events and soon voted out of office.

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Submitted by: Sarah Dejak
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