A Cape Town Resident On Life Under Apartheid

District Six was named in 1867 and refers to the Sixth Municipal District of Cape Town. The district was made up of former slaves, artisans, immigrants and Malay people who were brought to South Africa by the Dutch East India Company. District Six was the residence of approximately one tenth of the city’s population. On February 11, 1966, the government declared District Six to be a whites-only area under the Group Areas Act. The government began removing residents in 1968, and by 1982 more than 60,000 people had bee relocated to the Cape Flats township complex 25 kilometers away. Their homes in District Six were then bulldozed. In this video, Tahir Levy, a Cape Town community activist who grew up in the former District Six neighborhood, talks about life under apartheid.

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Submitted by: Ilana Faber
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