Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer Interviewed After 1972 World Chess Championship

In an interview that took place after Bobby Fischer became the eleventh World Chess Champion after defeating Boris Spassky at the 1972 World Chess Championship, Fischer discusses the possibility of a rematch with Spassky. He is confident that he could beat Spassky if they were to rematch, but he also praises Spassky and tells the interviewer that Spassky was the best chess player that he ever faced. In fact, there was a rematch between Fischer and Spassky 20 years later in 1992, which Fischer won. The 1972 World Chess Championship went on to be dubbed the Match of the Century and with its conclusion, Bobby Fischer became the first American born in the United States to win the title. The match took place during the heart of the Cold War between an American and a Soviet, so the match gained a lot of media attention.

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Submitted by: Robbie Faselt
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