Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth: More Than Just a Great Baseball Player

In a trailer for a documentary chronicling Babe Ruth’s life, historians not only discuss his dominance on the baseball field, but also his contributions off the field. One historian describes how Ruth became a sensation soon after making his MLB debut with the Boston Red Sox on July 11, 1914. He describes how people would flock to Ruth wherever he went and he does not recall so much excitement surrounding an athlete since then. Ruth also was an early supporter of African-Americans playing baseball. Hideki Matsui, a former New York Yankees outfielder, describes how Ruth’s visit to Japan was the catalyst that spiked the popularity of baseball in the country, which is significant because baseball is arguably the most popular sport in Japan today. Lastly, Babe Ruth used his influence off of the field when he signed an ad that publicly protested the mass murder of Jewish people during World War II, which was rare for someone as famous as Ruth to do.

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Submitted by: Robbie Faselt
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