Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria

See amazing footage of the funeral of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria and his wife, Sophie. The couple was assassinated on June 28, 1914, which triggered the start of World War I.

Earlier in the day, the couple had been attacked by Nedekjiko Cabrinovic, who had thrown a grenade at their car. However, the bomb detonated behind them, hurting the occupants in the following car. On arriving at the governor’s residence, Franz angrily shouted, “So this is how you welcome your guests — with bombs?!”

After a short rest at the governor’s residence, the royal couple insisted on seeing all those who had been injured by the bomb at the local hospital. However, no one told the drivers that the itinerary had been changed. When the error was discovered, the drivers had to turn around. As the cars backed down the street and onto a side street, the line of cars stalled. At this same time, Princip was sitting at a cafe across the street. He instantly seized his opportunity and walked across the street and shot the royal couple. He first shot Sophie in the abdomen and then shot Franz Ferdinand in the neck. Franz leaned over his wife crying. He was still alive when witnesses arrived to render aid. His dying words to Sophie were, “Don’t die darling, live for our children.”

The archduke’s aides attempted to undo his coat but realized they needed scissors to cut it open. It was too late, he died within minutes. Sophie also died en route to the hospital.

Source: Critical Past

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Submitted by: Paul Hardart
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